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“Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition”

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Now the offline version of the late Cyberspace Ashram website www.kriyayoga.com that was online from 1997 till 2012.

These freely available gifts of love from God have changed my life and I am deeply grateful for this treasure that is now available to all for free use.

The only rule to follow when using or forwarding the whole “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” is to always keep it as a whole unit and without modification.

Along with each original copy there is a unique MD5SUM available.

If you want to know how to use MD5SUM you may google it and find plenty of useful information.

These treasures shall be not only handed down from generation to generation but shared among friends, enemies and all your dear ones by all legal means.

There is one server currently offering the original file md5sum

54d1622ea2d03c29cbce6ab7ef5ccf4a Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2

Spiritual Treasures Download Server

 Anyone is free to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work for free or for an honest donation.

No alterations of any kind are ever allowed – no changes in md5sum – so always check for originality. Also the file is never allowed to be used in any commercial way.

Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition can only belong to human individuals – never to any government, institution or organisation.

Watch out for derivative works — the whole teaching shall always stay original and never be modified in any way. The only way to be one hundred percent sure is to use a.m. md5sum method.

Whenever you share the files with others always provide these copyright terms as well.

All new download possibilities are announced on the official facebook page for Spiritual Treasures.

After 15 years of setting up and maintaing this immense work about your way home to God the whole is surrendered to each one us to take care of it and maintain it so that generations after us can still benefit and learn about God and love if lost.


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Fire Ceremony - the starting point for changes within you

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Fire Ceremony

a fire ceremony is a ritual everyone can do togheter with God, to surrender things, to let go things, and asking God to dissolve them, for the benefit of our spiritual evolution.

A fire ceremony can be made inside you as well as outside you, so you can start by writing on a paper all the things you would love to dissolve, you of course address this to God ...

how ?

can be like a love letter to God, to let him know how you feel and how you would love to change things within you...talking like your divine Father, Mother, or best friend.

While writing feel and imagine the energy you want to dissolve is flowing in the paper and feel that energy is going there to be dissolved once and forever !

With the help of God all is possible, then just find the right place, place your paper in the ground and address a prayer to God, just light the paper and let go all the things you write down...

Dear God, please love me free

Fire Ceremony is a nice spiritual practice to do whenever you find out that something need to be changed for good, you can always realize this and do a fire ceremony just you and God, to help to let go in a divine fire of love made by you and God.

like any prayer, love is the key to open your heart and talk to God


may Love will shine on all hearts


love and relationship in boracay

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love and relationship in boracay at angol point

since i am in the philippines the priority is relationship and spiritual progress,

i am in boracay for a short honeymoon with Moira and Alessandro, and staying in Angol point a nice garden full of coconut trees and some orchids, living in a big bungalow, very comfortable.

Moira enjoys the staying here, she has sun and sea, the weather is very fine, everyday sunny !

Angol point resort in boracay

a picture of angol point garden

angol point garden

 An angol point bungalow, our on the left
angol point bungalow

Angol point bungalow veranda, with hammock

bungalow veranda angol point boracay

beach in front of angol point resort, just some seconds from our bungalow

beach in front of angol point boracay


arriving in boracay was pretty a shock, i have been here in 2003 and 2005 with Gurudeva and i have remember of a real paradise, nice beaches, nice sea, all under control, not many people, now the situation is very different, boracay especially in the zone of station 1 and 2 is very crowded, they have built many new hotels, concrete style that has a very impact of the natural beauty the island once has.

my choice was very clear, going to station 3 zone and find a suitable place that takes care of the garden and eco tourism and the choice was either mabini's place or angol point.

i choosed angol point because the bungalow was much bigger and comfortable and there is a big garden with coconut trees and orchids, the owner spoils me, he bought even more orchids when i told him that my choice was based also on flowers that he has on the garden.

the price to pay for a night is 3000 pesos but that is ok, if you want to afford eco tourism  you have to pay more, less rooms more garden and good natural energy surrounding you.

 boracay white beach

Boracay ocean is pretty much the same but the beach is full of green seaweed, maybe is a period of recovery.

the aura of the island is different, on dmall zone for example all beach is occupied by restaurant and you see hundreds of people eating on the beach. that's very different from the small street of sand i remember from the 2003 and 2005 visit.

a good point is that sulu plaza the place where you can find thai food is still there with the best vegetable green curry with coconut milk i ever had !

 i have made some short motorbike trip, to some areas of the island, realizing that all the island is an open construction site, buildings everywhere, near mountains even in remote place.

the conclusion is that a paradise place once supported and promoted, of course can grow bigger and bigger because business man go where people like like to go, and they buy land and screw up everything with concrete buildings just for making big money.

so what can we do ? do we have to shut up our mouths and blogs and never promote paradise places again, and stay well within our own limits ?

the answer of course is yes, paradise places, belongs to people who worked for it and deserve it.

 otherwise people and businessman can find ways to screw up native people and nature.

more to come on boracay, once a paradise now a decaying island.



Angeles, hotel America Philippines where i am now

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Angeles, hotel America Philippines

me and my family are now in hotel america in the philippines, to make holiday and family workshop.

America hotel is nice, you can find big rooms and a good restaurant inside, typical chinese style.
the room have free wifi and aircon. Angeles has many options for your dinner, so you can choose along the way the style you like.

just for you an image outside the door of my room

angeles hotel america pool

Angeles is a city with many sides, a big nice mall where you find rich people (i never seen a mall so big in italy) and a side of poverty, where people beg for some money in the street, but this is the philippine.

Angeles is a city to approach with love and heart for the people, and as usual in the philippines you receive a most welcome Mabuhay

 angeles city by night in the philippines


Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa



Happy Valentine's Day ecards

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Happy Valentine's Day ecards

Feel free to use my new Happy Valentine's Day ecards available in the gallery

Happy Valentine's Day to all

happy valentine's day ecard

Sesso e Kriya yoga

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Sesso e Kriya yoga

sessualità e kriya yoga nel vostro cammino di unione con Dio

la sessualità è divina come l'uomo o la donna, creata da Dio. Dio è amore.

Molto spesso persone spirituali, entrano a far parte di associazioni le quali consigliano di praticare il celibato, di evitare la sessualità come fosse la colpa di tutti i danni del mondo, una cosa da ripudiare dentro e fuori il proprio essere.

il più delle volte questo consiglio deriva da precedenti incarnazioni passate specialmente in culture cristiane, nei monasteri e in altri insegnamenti travisati a immagine e somiglianza dell'ego.

come si può ripudiare qualcosa di divino e creato da Dio !

sessualità e kriya yoga

qualsiasi cosa uno rigetti è qualcosa che sarà da dissolvere prima o dopo nel cammino verso Dio, inquanto escludere una singola parte della nostra divinità non permette di comprendere il tutto.

la sessualità si può comprendere meglio in questo lungo articolo del mio amato Gurudeva, Sexuality on your way to God

spero che i seri ricercatori abbiano il cuore per capire che qualsiasi rigetto della nostra divinità è causa di molti problemi presenti e passati e malattie al sistema genitale di uomo e donna.

Riporto un esperienza di una coppia avanzata nel kriya yoga, dal loro sito all about happy life, che riporta la gioia estatica dell'unione : sex and kriya yoga.



the best time of the day

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a special moment

i like all the days, i like to work, i like to stay with my familiy, but a special day ends with special contact with God in meditation, active meditation.

Kriya yoga is a joy for the soul, is pure love applied to ego, we call for love and love we have from God

hearing a soft calling voice from God is so much wonderful and divine, to strive for him, to let love be real and active all day all eternity

one single thought " Love "

may all days be filled with so much love in our lives


 god is love


my new blog

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i love you

from the depth of my heart and soul

enjoy my new blog