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“Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition”

posted on LOVE

Now the offline version of the late Cyberspace Ashram website www.kriyayoga.com that was online from 1997 till 2012.

These freely available gifts of love from God have changed my life and I am deeply grateful for this treasure that is now available to all for free use.

The only rule to follow when using or forwarding the whole “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” is to always keep it as a whole unit and without modification.

Along with each original copy there is a unique MD5SUM available.

If you want to know how to use MD5SUM you may google it and find plenty of useful information.

These treasures shall be not only handed down from generation to generation but shared among friends, enemies and all your dear ones by all legal means.

There is one server currently offering the original file md5sum

54d1622ea2d03c29cbce6ab7ef5ccf4a Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2

Spiritual Treasures Download Server

 Anyone is free to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work for free or for an honest donation.

No alterations of any kind are ever allowed – no changes in md5sum – so always check for originality. Also the file is never allowed to be used in any commercial way.

Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition can only belong to human individuals – never to any government, institution or organisation.

Watch out for derivative works — the whole teaching shall always stay original and never be modified in any way. The only way to be one hundred percent sure is to use a.m. md5sum method.

Whenever you share the files with others always provide these copyright terms as well.

All new download possibilities are announced on the official facebook page for Spiritual Treasures.

After 15 years of setting up and maintaing this immense work about your way home to God the whole is surrendered to each one us to take care of it and maintain it so that generations after us can still benefit and learn about God and love if lost.


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