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Fire Ceremony - the starting point for changes within you

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fire ceremony, dissolve in love

Fire Ceremony

a fire ceremony is a ritual everyone can do togheter with God, to surrender things, to let go things, and asking God to dissolve them, for the benefit of our spiritual evolution.

A fire ceremony can be made inside you as well as outside you, so you can start by writing on a paper all the things you would love to dissolve, you of course address this to God ...

how ?

can be like a love letter to God, to let him know how you feel and how you would love to change things within you...talking like your divine Father, Mother, or best friend.

While writing feel and imagine the energy you want to dissolve is flowing in the paper and feel that energy is going there to be dissolved once and forever !

With the help of God all is possible, then just find the right place, place your paper in the ground and address a prayer to God, just light the paper and let go all the things you write down...

Dear God, please love me free

Fire Ceremony is a nice spiritual practice to do whenever you find out that something need to be changed for good, you can always realize this and do a fire ceremony just you and God, to help to let go in a divine fire of love made by you and God.

like any prayer, love is the key to open your heart and talk to God


may Love will shine on all hearts