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love and relationship in boracay

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love and relationship in boracay at angol point

since i am in the philippines the priority is relationship and spiritual progress,

i am in boracay for a short honeymoon with Moira and Alessandro, and staying in Angol point a nice garden full of coconut trees and some orchids, living in a big bungalow, very comfortable.

Moira enjoys the staying here, she has sun and sea, the weather is very fine, everyday sunny !

Angol point resort in boracay

a picture of angol point garden

angol point garden

 An angol point bungalow, our on the left
angol point bungalow

Angol point bungalow veranda, with hammock

bungalow veranda angol point boracay

beach in front of angol point resort, just some seconds from our bungalow

beach in front of angol point boracay


arriving in boracay was pretty a shock, i have been here in 2003 and 2005 with Gurudeva and i have remember of a real paradise, nice beaches, nice sea, all under control, not many people, now the situation is very different, boracay especially in the zone of station 1 and 2 is very crowded, they have built many new hotels, concrete style that has a very impact of the natural beauty the island once has.

my choice was very clear, going to station 3 zone and find a suitable place that takes care of the garden and eco tourism and the choice was either mabini's place or angol point.

i choosed angol point because the bungalow was much bigger and comfortable and there is a big garden with coconut trees and orchids, the owner spoils me, he bought even more orchids when i told him that my choice was based also on flowers that he has on the garden.

the price to pay for a night is 3000 pesos but that is ok, if you want to afford eco tourism  you have to pay more, less rooms more garden and good natural energy surrounding you.

 boracay white beach

Boracay ocean is pretty much the same but the beach is full of green seaweed, maybe is a period of recovery.

the aura of the island is different, on dmall zone for example all beach is occupied by restaurant and you see hundreds of people eating on the beach. that's very different from the small street of sand i remember from the 2003 and 2005 visit.

a good point is that sulu plaza the place where you can find thai food is still there with the best vegetable green curry with coconut milk i ever had !

 i have made some short motorbike trip, to some areas of the island, realizing that all the island is an open construction site, buildings everywhere, near mountains even in remote place.

the conclusion is that a paradise place once supported and promoted, of course can grow bigger and bigger because business man go where people like like to go, and they buy land and screw up everything with concrete buildings just for making big money.

so what can we do ? do we have to shut up our mouths and blogs and never promote paradise places again, and stay well within our own limits ?

the answer of course is yes, paradise places, belongs to people who worked for it and deserve it.

 otherwise people and businessman can find ways to screw up native people and nature.

more to come on boracay, once a paradise now a decaying island.