The beauty within

A world or creation without love would be like our entire nature without butterflies, without flowers, without roses, without loving partner, without loving friends, without beloved children of our own. It is the beauty of our entire nature that is a reflection of God's love for us all as an example of how we should learn to be to all our loved ones around us. Our own life should reflect an equal amount of purity in our divine being toward all. Nature is a manifestation of God - all beauty and manifold loving aspects of nature shall help us to understand the nature of love to be developed within.

Spiritual Treasure

Learn the path of Love
Spiritual Treasures

Spiritual Treasure is the largest spiritual compendium with complete Kriya Yoga Teachings
The holy science of Kriya Yoga helps you to apply true love in all situations of life to make your life happier and reconnects you with God.

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