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how to make spicy a relationship

love can spice up your life in all situations of life

how to make spicy a relationship... love is the main recipe... love in many forms can SPICE UP your life, in all you do togheter.

LOVE IS NEVER BORING as LOVE is continuosly refining for more love !!

so a loving boy/girl will never be boring for his/her partner

the best way to spice up your life is first to have God as your best friend, he can advice you the best things to do, the best surprise of love for your partner, he can give you the right charme to be always attractive.

Love is attractive, because is always new !!! of course you have to be an active part of LOVE by loving more the lost ones, the poor ones, you have to first open your heart for love !!

One necessary condition to really SPICE UP your life in your relation is learn to live by your own, here in italy and in many other part of the world, young man and girls stays at home until 30 + year old, with mommy clean and washing the laundry... and daddy paying the bills, and having a part time relationship, no sleeping togheter, no eating togheter, that's THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO MAKE SPICY a RELATIONSHIP !!!
only strong man, that do everything at home and strong woman that know how to handle every situation by herself can really be spicy to her/his partner !!!

First is necessary to be really strong, do all yourself, manage your home business and work business, girsl can't really be attracted by 30+ year old man that lives with mum and dad... for the girls is the same, if you want to attract a spicy man/woman you have to be prepared first by live by your own, then you will see how much it will increase the spicy in life....

sexual life is again a big part that helps to spice up your life, dissolve all fears you have in the fire of divine love, when you have a partner that you love, there is NO NEED of CONDOM !!!!! if you use condom u fear LOVE !!! , how a girl can be sexual arise if you FEAR LOVE !!!!
and you girl knows that with taking the pill you DENY LOVE !!!!

You have to know how to give happiness to your partner, so you have to do what he/she like most !!! in sexual life all is valid, everything, that can spice up your love... so a girl has to know how to handle blowjobs, and a man has to know how to handle pussy kissing, with open heart all is possible and all is valid to create real happiness !!! 69 is a perfect number, you can see the balance in giving and receiving !!! the balance of life !!!!

there is only love needed to create pleasure, it's just a question of love, if u do with love all the energy system is open for accepting love !!

THEN is also important you express your joy in the way you like most, like screaming, saying YES I LIKE IT, yes yes yes, that's a good feedback u give to the partner... that u are enjoying LOVE ... always say YES !! of course if you really love it ;-)

first u have to be sure, you have dissolved fears and blocks in love, and with god's help u can do !!!

if you have problems giving love or receiving then you have to dissolve in love everything is blocking you to give real pleasure to your partner.

Doing things togheter with your partner, sport activities, like scuba diving, mountain bike, skiing, and every kind of activity that creates happiness, can really boost up the harmony in your partnership, what you do toghter joins you, what you do alone separates you !!!!

LOVE can drive you crazy in everything you do, if love is missing than real fun in life is missing.

love is the source of all happiness, love is the source of all pleasure, love is the way to spice up your whole life, love is the key to return home !!!

how to make spicy a relationship - love can spice up your life in all situations of life - amoregod yoga e kriyayoga per riscoprire il vero se e ritornare ad essere uno con la propria anima e con dio.