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bow to feet- spiritual practice

how to bow to feet and how to express love by bowing to feet

Bowing to feet is a traditional spiritual practice, practiced in many country nowadays like india, necessary to advanced more on the path of love to God, it helps to overcome the ego and being humble with all.

bow to feet is expression of the power of love for all, power to dissolve in love any fight or revenge, power to consider all like brothers and sisters with no difference of culture, cast, race, color. Power to create peace of mind in you to advance more in the path of love to God.

we can say that while bowing you reduce your ego, because you proof love for others ! and if you do with all your heart than it means you really want to learn to love all.

bow to feet - how to bow - spiritual practice to be humble - amoregod yoga e kriyayoga per riscoprire il vero se e ritornare ad essere uno con la propria anima e con dio.